Guarantee policies

• If the purchase was in person, you should go to any of the Fajas MyD stores.
• For guarantee purposes it is necessary to present the receipt of payment.
• The company has 3 business days to respond to their clients regarding warranty issues, considering that the days will be counted once the product is received at our facilities.
• The guarantee request is subject to an evaluation by the quality area, where it is determined if the damage caused is due to the misuse or particularity of the material. In case it is determined that it is due to the improper use of the product, the company will be exempted from the guarantee.
• Damage to the lace and hooks are not included in the warranty.
• Our product is of intimate use, therefore to make the guarantee request, the garment must be in excellent hygiene and cleanliness conditions, totally free of odors and body fluids.
• The time for the guarantee of the purchased garments is 30 business days after the invoice has been issued.
• The clothes in outlet or B type have no guarantee, since they are products that have some imperfect or are discontinued.
• We do not accept guarantees of garments modified or altered by third parties.

Shipping Policies


• For purchases over $ 50 the shipping is totally free to anywhere in the USA. If the order is less than $ 50, you must assume a cost of Flat rate that will be calculated at the time of check out.
• When you deliver the order to the carrier, you will receive the confirmation of the shipment and the tracking number to the email.
• The order will be processed between one or two business days and the shipment will take three to six business days.
• The company is not responsible for delays or inconveniences that may arise in the shipment by transport agencies, after the order has been delivered to the service provider.
• The customer must send and verify the corresponding shipping address, if a refund is incurred by mistake in the data provided, the cost of return to the address must be borne by the user.
• If at the time of delivery, the customer is not at his residence the transporter will deliver the order to the people present at the moment or in the corresponding mailbox.
• Fajas MyD LLC, is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. The service provider will usually determine if the order can be left in a secure and protected place at the delivery address. If you think your package may have been lost or stolen, please contact our customer service team so we can help you.
• If you have any concerns about the information previously provided, Fajas MyD LLC has the following contact number available to its customers: (786) 483 8844 or through our online store.

Bad Address: Fajas MyD LLC is not responsible for lost orders due to incorrect address provided by the customer, (this includes wrong or missing apt/house #, wrong street, etc.) PLEASE take your time and make sure you provided all the correct information. Fajas MyD LLC is not responsible for unclaimed or refused orders.

How do I change my address on an existing order in transit? Once the order was processed and sent (in transit) it is the responsibility of the customer to contact the shipping company (USPS) and make the necessary changes (there may be an additional charge). Fajas MyD LLC can not be held responsible for the change of address.

How do I cancel my order on an existing order in transit? Regrettably, we are unable to cancel your order from our customer service department.  Once your order has entered into our shipping process it cannot be modified or canceled.


In case of loss or partial or total damage
• Each shipment is insured for its commercial value, in case of any damage or total or partial loss, the customer may file the claim by sending a message to the e-mail contact@fajasmyd.com attaching the corresponding documents and evidence necessary.
• Our company will be in charge of carrying out the claim process and if it is carried out, it will be in charge of replacing the missing or damaged goods.
• Once the client’s request has been filed, the estimated time of response by the company is 72 hours (3 days) and 12 days maximum to complete the case.
• The customer service area will communicate with the user to provide follow-up to the process until the order is delivered to satisfaction.
Customer service line: (786) 483 8844 contact@fajasmyd.com