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Privacy policy

Girdles MyD and authorized and / unrelated to the management of recorded information in this document and in its databases are concerning the use girdles M & D will give the personal information that you provide in this registration document with to respond personalized their concerns, comments or meet any need in terms of the overall site as technology for general access conditions, benefits, technical conditions and additional information or service provided therein.

For Strips MyD or authorized and / unrelated, personal information consists of data such as name, ID number, home address and correspondence, email and phone numbers, case in all cases of private data that is not available to the public and will be complete and fully confidential.

The purpose in collecting this information is to create a database of users of the service provided by the Subscriber of this document and / or the person signing on your behalf you access the site and want and decide to enter the site https: // www.facebook.com/fajasmydempresa?fref=ts, in order to respond personalized their concerns, comments or meet any need in terms of the overall site as technological general conditions, benefits, technical conditions and to access additional information or the service provided therein and technologically agile and timely access to information so Subscriber of this document and / or the person signing on your behalf you access the site and want and decide to enter. Thus this registration and authorization of sending text messages at the same time, will allow users to learn the site, its requirements, benefits and conditions to participate in it, like services and promotional information Shapewear advertising sent by M & D or any of its authorized and / or linked them to be sent.

The wing access personal information recorded herein and in the databases of the company or any of its authorized and / or linked, is limited only to those employees who girdles M & D or any of its authorized and / or related are considered Administrators information and requiring access to have contact with that information to provide information services provided herein, and other officials girdles M & D or any of its authorized and / or linked, requiring access data to provide information about programs, offers or promotions pursuing continuous loyalty and improved management Shapewear performing M & D or any of its authorized and / or related companies.
M & D girdles or its authorized

and / or linked, they will refrain from selling the personal information of users who register through this document for participation in site, as also flatly refuse to share this information with any natural or legal person external and unauthorized by girdles M & D in Colombia, except in the case of legal or judicial requirements that require the competent authorities covered by the current legal regulations on information management, Internet, e-commerce, procurement, privacy, child pornography, electronic document and computer crimes.

Girdles MyD or its authorized and / unrelated, has physical, electronic and procedural for confidential handling of this information protection, which if Subscriber of this document and / or the person signing on behalf accessing the site and want and decide to enter, you have questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy for access to the site, you can contact the email: contact@fajasmyd.com or by physical mail or in person to the Office Fajas M&D  in Miami,Coral Way Teléfonos: 7864838844

Girdles MyD or its authorized and / unlinked, after communicating the “PRIVACY POLICY AND USE” for access to the site regarding the information of the records made in this document and its databases to participate in it, requests Subscribers declare acceptance and understanding to storage proceed described in the subsequent paragraph of this document.


For the administration and management of personal information registered Subscriber herein and / or its databases, the same and / or person signing on your behalf you access the site and want and decide to enter.

For everything to make minor registration in the contest of social networks Shapewear proposed M & D requires the supervision of a guardian or responsible adult, recognizing that knows and accepts these “PRIVACY POLICY AND USE“.

Acknowledges and accepts the “PRIVACY POLICY AND USE” for subscription and participation in the fan page girdles M & D in social networks or their authorized and / or related to the handling of personal user information recorded herein and / or databases.

It declares that the recorded information has been supplied with their free, prior and explicit consent, and authorizing the use and dissemination of it for the purposes specified herein.

Declares that the information recorded belongs to him, because it is not providing information to third parties, since it is understood that an impersonation, defined in article 296 of the Colombian Penal Code as false impersonation.

States that each of the recorded data are true and correspond to those contained in the corresponding personal identification documents, why can demonstrate its veracity at any time.

You may withdraw at any time, for which it must to address the contact@fajasmyd.com emails,  and make the corresponding application in order that girdles M & D. remove it immediately from its databases, all of which will bring to an end all benefits as a member of the site has in its favor.


With the promulgation of Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013, the constitutional principle that all people have to know, update and rectify all types of information collected or which has been subject to the processing of personal data banks develops or databases and files in general public and / or private

M & D FAJAS as a company that stores and collects personal data required to obtain permission for free, prior, express, voluntarily, and duly informed, allow administrative and office premises of the company, collect, collect, store, use , move, delete, process, compile, exchange, treat, update and have the data that has been provided and which have been incorporated into various bases or databanks, or in electronic repositories of all kinds available to FAJAS M & D.

This information is, and will be used in the development of the company’s own marketing in their condition Shapewear Post-surgical and daily use, and directly or through third parties.

M & D FAJAS in the terms provided by Article 10 of Decree 1377 of 2013 is authorized expressly and unequivocally to maintain and manage all your information, unless you would state otherwise direct, express, unequivocally and in writing the email account provided for this purpose: I contact@fajasmyd.com

“I consent and authorize prior, expressly and unequivocally that my personal data are processed in accordance with the provisions herein and / or authorization.” If you do not want your personal data to be used by the company, may revoke partially or totally such authorization expressly and unequivocally, directly, expressly and in writing either in physical or electronic medium, which to conclude reasonably that such authorization or consent is revoked.

In the event that you have any comments and / or comment on the management and use of your personal data, or if you believe that the company FAJAS M & D gave a use contrary to authorized and applicable laws; or no longer wish to receive information related to our products or the company and its activities, according to this document, you can contact us through a communication addressed to the business office, responsible for data protection of the company: Address offices:7360SW24Street Suite 4Miami FL 33155 contact@fajasmyd.com.co