Fajas M&D

Shipping policies


a) Minimum order
M & D girdles, as a company manufacturer and marketer of post-surgical garments and daily use, not capped minimal clothing to dispatch, that is, can be sold from a prenda-.
However, for purchases greater than or equal to 12 units, the customer can access the wholesale price by contacting our sales agents; you can also obtain further benefits in terms of coverage of freight or homes by the company.

b) Time to dispatch
5-8 working days after payment confirmed.

More than 12 units – Contacting through our wholesale line at Shapewear for calculating the clearance time based on your location and quantity.

1). The transit time of goods shall be established by transport agents (Airlines or conveyors Motor Freight) by region Shapewear MYD NOT responsible for delays in shipment by transportation agencies, after the order it has been given to these companies.
NOTE: Confirmation of office shall be made by email after the goods are delivered to the carrier and get the tracking number which will be sent in the mail to the customer to make the follow-up.

Each shipment is insured for its commercial value why, if any damage or total or partial loss of the goods the customer may file a claim through the form on our website attaching the necessary evidence and respective document.
To make such a claim fill out the form at the following link :.
Girdles MYD is responsible for conducting the claims process with the transportation company and be hired from the missing or damaged goods will be replenished.
For this procedure estimated by the company to give a first response time is 72 hours (3 days) and 8 days total to complete or close the case, once held the answer to the client, staff customer service will notify you customer solution and action plan implemented.

No merchandise returns will be accepted by customers because MYD Shapewear products are intimate and therefore do not change clothes. However, if the causal warranty applies to manufacturing faults girdles M & D make the change after the product analyzed.
This process of analysis and response warranty has an estimated 5 business days from the time when the garment is delivered to the company time. However, the logistics costs incurred to return the goods borne by the company.
After that, with a maximum time of eight (8) working days after the first report; the customer service staff will contact the customer to inquire about their level of conformity to the answer given and services provided with the response given by FAJAS MYD to your complaint. And this procedure is closed in accordance with a communication which is requested by the customer service area the user involved.

Access, participation and use of the Website www.fajasmyd.com (hereinafter the Website) and other resources as Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest, Google+ pages, pages LinkedIn, Slideshare and magazines that are created to encourage the development of community FAJAS MYD (hereinafter Associate Resources) it is free and is governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy detailed below.
By using any of the resources provided by FAJAS MYD (both the Website and Associate Resources), Users agree and acknowledge that they have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions are subject to the provisions thereof.
This website, its associated resources and its Content are owned exclusively of FAJAS MYD Its total or partial reproduction, translation, inclusion, transmission, storage or access through any means of analog or digital type without prior written authorization Shapewear MYD, is prohibited. Such authorization may be obtained by writing to comunicaciones@fajasmyd.com.co
Users of the Website and Associate Resources may participate with comments and collaborations, which are understood to be owned by the user that generated. Users guarantee that belong generated content and is not violating the Copyright and Intellectual Property of third parties and assumes full responsibility for any claims that may arise from its use.
Through its participation, Users grant FAJAS MYD a non-exclusive and permanent, to use, reproduce, adapt, store, compile, distribute and sublicense such content free license. MYD FAJAS undertakes to recognize the authorship of the content created by the users, without implying any compensation.
By the fact of entering the Website and Associate Resources, Users grant to FAJAS MYD:
The right to modify at any time and for any reason without notice these Terms of Use, including the Privacy Policy that includes.
The right to deny registration to any person, at any time and for any reason.
Remove the contents that violate copyright or intellectual property of a third party, upon request by the interested party
Users shall refrain from using the Website and Associate Resources follows or the following objectives:
Illicit purposes
With harms the rights and interests of others
Purposes which could damage, disable, overburden, impair or impede the normal use of the services, computer equipment, documents, files and any content stored on servers FAJAS MYD or those servers that resources FAJAS MYD are linked.
In order to harass and / or threaten FAJAS team members MYD or to third parties.
In order to obtain or disclose private information of third parties.
In order to publish false or fabricated news.
In order to promote people, websites, businesses, blogs networks, products, marketing campaigns, political or ideological campaigns, campaigns that promote massive vote, participation in demonstrations and others.
In order to cause undue inconvenience to other users and readers
MYD FAJAS can not guarantee that the generated content is free of errors or inaccuracies and encourages its users an active participation to request clarifications or corrections to be the case, as long as the same become educated and proactive manner.
They understand the Users and accept that FAJAS MYD not guarantee and therefore is not responsible for the legality, reliability, accuracy, legality, completeness, timeliness and usefulness of (a) the opinion columns, (b) the views or content generated by Users or third parties, or (c) the information on a website to which a link has been made and therefore does not generate acceptance or approval thereof or be responsible for them.

Privacy and Information
To FAJAS MYD it is of great importance the protection and privacy of personal information of our customers, suppliers, contractors, partners and supporters. That is why we have adopted a Privacy Policy that describes the handling and management of personal information databases that because of our activities we collect, ensuring the confidentiality and security in the handling of information, as described below :
It is understood that personal information provided by users when register on the Website, any of their associated resources or Registration Forms and include data such as:
Cell phone
User Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Slideshare).
Users acknowledge that the entry of personal information is done on a voluntary basis, meaning that the information will be part of a file and / or database, which can be used under the terms set forth herein.
Who diligently the registration form you agree that your data are incorporated into databases FAJAS MYD, its affiliates or subsidiaries and authorizes its use for commercial and technical purposes by FAJAS MYD and its affiliated companies, including but not limited to partners, business partners, customers and advertisers.
Users may modify or update the information provided at any time and may request the removal of your personal information in the databases of FAJAS MYD sending an email to contact@fajasmyd.com. The removal of information from databases mean the loss of privileges derived from registration.
Users who have access codes to the Website or Associate Resources, understand that their use is not transferable and agree to use properly and responsibly their passwords, since it is the sole responsibility of the same.
FAJAS MYD is committed to fulfilling its obligation of confidentiality of personal data and assumes, for these purposes, measures of technical, organizational and security measures to prevent alteration, loss, treatment or access no ue no transmission Internet is 100% secure, users assume the hypothetical risk inherent in this type of transmission and agrees to meet him.
FAJAS MYD is not responsible for any consequence resulting from improper entry of third parties to the database and / or some technical malfunction and / or retention of data in the system of the Internet Site or its associated resources.
Companies that manage advertising FAJAS MYD, the that guide, or leading access statistics may use cookies for statistical purposes. Users can eliminate or prevent the sending of these cookies from the browser options installed on their respective teams.
The User shall comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Site and any additional conditions to be established in the Website or associated resources.
These Terms and Conditions have been prepared in accordance with Colombian law and any action or claim must be made before the courts of Colombia.

special consideration
On this page you can buy from 1 to 12 units, if requires more lines suggest contacting our customer to get a discount for bulk purchase.
Miami: (786) 4838844
Whatsapp: (305) 7675506
Product guarantee
Our garments are guaranteed for the following materials:
Or zipper closure
Lace and seams
perforated fabric (defect in the weave of the cloth)
When the client requests to use the guarantee provided by the company, this application is subject to evaluation by the Quality area, which will determine if the reason for the damage of the garment is by misuse or by a peculiarity of the material.
If it is determined that the damage of the garment is misuse, the company is exempt from warranty and any arrangement that is going to make the garment to be in perfect condition again will be charged to the customer.
The company will have three business days to respond to the request made by the customer warranty.
Requirements for the guarantee
For purposes of changes or guarantees must be submitted proof of purchase of the product.
All parts of the garment must be complete and in excellent hygiene and cleanliness (Bolsa, labels, strips, brooches and accessories), any of these elements is missing reason for no change.
No changes on already changed products are made.
For purposes of changes, they must be made at any point of sale MYD.
We do not accept warranty and / or product changes after 30 days billed.
Substitution Policy
To make effective the change is necessary to present the invoice.
The deadline for submitting changes is 30 days from the issuance of the invoice.
The product should not be used, washed, modified or altered from its original state.
Garments in promotion, discount or sale exclusive outlet stores, as well as other accessories do not have change.
Products purchased in other countries do not have change.
No money back is made.
No change on garment and changed is performed.
We remind our customers that our products are undies and we are a company that meets the quality standards required by invima, for this reason we are in the right to reject articles that do not comply with policies to change and / or hygiene conditions.
To account
For purposes of changes or guarantees must be submitted proof of purchase of the product.
Changes may be made in our own city of Miami, otherwise shops, should be sent to our headquarters, Miami, Coral Way. Additionally you should bear the shipping costs and return to our headquarters.
All parts of the garment must be complete and in excellent condition, hygiene and cleaning products (bag, labels, strips, brooches and accessories), any of these elements is missing reason for no change.
No changes on already changed products are made.
Only changes were made in our main headquarters, Miami.
We do not accept warranty and / or product changes after 30 days billed.
Changes are made not by reference by size or color.
We look forward to any questions and concerns you may have.

In the specific case of our wholesale distributor in US it intends to migrate its platform to the following domains which we publish in our official website in the section as authorized distributors www.shapewearllc.com micriositio; www.shapewearfajas.com;
It should establish a contract with distributors, where previous clauses use policies MARK M & D BELTS FOR NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTORS specified
FAJAS MYD is committed to provide ongoing support and advice of the strategy implemented by our official distributors in marketing our products through its independent portals.
With the implementation of the new website FAJAS MYD LLC USA our customers and distributors, may have access to an organized, accurate and reliable information they can use on the advice of the product with potential customers, with the support FAJAS MYD COMPANY.
Our dealers have a space within our website, where your contact details, location and referencing a microsite distributor by which potential customers can establish contact were published.
MYD FAJAS COMPANY, begin a comprehensive plan branding on the web and the different channels of product distribution by country, which will help our distributors who want to become more visible to an international audience.
MYD FAJAS will have a constant advertising investment and a team specializing in brand positioning, so that users interested in the product, can refer to the nearest distributor according to their place of location.
Constantly, they will be updating the contents and categories of interest to users in order to generate a SEO And SEM FAJAS MYDen the web positioning. The organization and brand positioning will contribute to positioning your distribution point in the US
Shapewear by MYD, our dealers will have a support and channeling problems with the product by our parent company, from a legal and appropriate manner.
MYD FAJAS provide constant advice to those authorized for negotiation processes with third distributors and retailers.
The company will provide dealers, the possibility of knowing the statistics measuring their views online distribution channel.
Distributors will have a brand positioning in the US with a stronger and more concrete image, which will increase the credibility of the brand marketed in your prospects.
The brand name FAJAS MyD, should not be used in any domain name or social network created by distributors or customers in order to stay there information from your store or distribution point.
No customer, agent or dealer may sign contracts with independent brands for managing the name, logo and corporate identity deFAJAS MYD, such permits or signatures are reserved for exclusive approval of senior management of FAJAS MYD COLOMBIA.
If a customer or distributor wants to use the mark FAJAS MYD or host graphic or textual information from the company on their websites or social networks either to make sales on line or show presence of the product in their store. It should be sent to M & D COLOMBIA BELTS OR BELTS M & D USA LLC to be oriented on the proper use of the brand and receive advice about the limits and responsibilities to use the name, logo, pictures and content FAJAS own MYD
Customers and distributors may use the pictures and logos provided FAJAS MyD request authorization from the Communications Coordination and comply with the guidelines established brand manual by the company. Such anger authorization accompanied by a management agreement previously established brand porFAJAS MyD. And these graphics and textual data, must be accompanied by the word Distributor or Sales Representative long as it is not a selling point of the company itself.
OFFICIAL FAJAS name is reserved MYD use of the parent company, to which the mark belongs, no customer or distributor may use this adjective to create accounts on the web or in separate domains hosting.
No customer, distributor or sales representative, is authorized to use the word Shapewear MYD, in their domain names or web portals
The databases compiled retail and wholesale customers through web portals and social networks official of the company; They are sole and exclusive property deFajas MYD Company.
The domains whose name possesses the word FAJAS MYD are exclusive and private use of the company. No customer or supplier must have access to this without prior authorization from the Communications Coordination.
The tailers through web portals, in which registration for distribution is made with the name FAJAS MYD, or photographs, text or company logos without prior notice used belong exclusively to the company which It is using the name and corporate identity.
MYD FAJAS COMPANY reserves the right to support, advise and assist customers and distributors who want to use the image of the brand for marketing purposes, with brand management policies of the company.
To use own images of the company by customers and distributors must obtain the format established for application of corporate information, in which the use that will be given to this and is made manifest commitment to good use specified information, according to management policies MYD FAJAS information.
Using own images of FAJAS MYD on websites, social networks or portals independent brands, must be preauthorized by the Communications Coordination, which will regulate the proper use of this, according to the policies of brand management .
Any action, contract rights session, or advertising media strategy involving FAJAS MYD brand and its generalities, must have prior authorization from the company management.
Not having a specific management action explicit brand within this document does not exclude it from being analyzed and approved by the area responsible for FAJAS MYD
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