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Access, participation and use of the Website www.fajasmyd.com (hereinafter the Website) and other resources as Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest, Google+ pages, pages LinkedIn, Slideshare and magazines that are created to encourage the development of community FAJAS MYD (hereinafter Associate Resources) it is free and is governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy detailed below.

By using any of the resources provided by FAJAS MYD (both the Website and Associate Resources), Users agree and acknowledge that they have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions are subject to the provisions thereof.

This website, its associated resources and its Content are owned exclusively of FAJAS MYD Its total or partial reproduction, translation, inclusion, transmission, storage or access through any means of analog or digital type without prior written authorization Shapewear MYD, is prohibited. Such authorization may be obtained by writing to comunicaciones@fajasmyd.com.co

Users of the Website and Associate Resources may participate with comments and collaborations, which are understood to be owned by the user that generated. Users guarantee that belong generated content and is not violating the Copyright and Intellectual Property of third parties and assumes full responsibility for any claims that may arise from its use.

Through its participation, Users grant FAJAS MYD a non-exclusive and permanent, to use, reproduce, adapt, store, compile, distribute and sublicense such content free license. MYD FAJAS undertakes to recognize the authorship of the content created by the users, without implying any compensation.

By the fact of entering the Website and Associate Resources, Users grant to FAJAS MYD:

The right to modify at any time and for any reason without notice these Terms of Use, including the Privacy Policy that includes.
The right to deny registration to any person, at any time and for any reason.
Remove the contents that violate copyright or intellectual property of a third party, upon request by the interested party

Users shall refrain from using the Website and Associate Resources follows or the following objectives:

Illicit purposes,

With harms the rights and interests of others
Purposes which could damage, disable, overburden, impair or impede the normal use of the services, computer equipment, documents, files and any content stored on servers FAJAS MYD or those servers that resources FAJAS MYD are linked.
In order to harass and / or threaten FAJAS team members MYD or to third parties.
In order to obtain or disclose private information of third parties.
In order to publish false or fabricated news.
In order to promote people, websites, businesses, blogs networks, products, marketing campaigns, political or ideological campaigns, campaigns that promote massive vote, participation in demonstrations and others.
In order to cause undue inconvenience to other users and readers
MYD FAJAS can not guarantee that the generated content is free of errors or inaccuracies and encourages its users an active participation to request clarifications or corrections to be the case, as long as the same become educated and proactive manner.

They understand the Users and accept that FAJAS MYD not guarantee and therefore is not responsible for the legality, reliability, accuracy, legality, completeness, timeliness and usefulness of (a) the opinion columns, (b) the views or content generated by Users or third parties, or (c) the information on a website to which a link has been made and therefore does not generate acceptance or approval thereof or be responsible for them.

Privacy and Information

To FAJAS MYD it is of great importance the protection and privacy of personal information of our customers, suppliers, contractors, partners and supporters. That is why we have adopted a Privacy Policy that describes the handling and management of personal information databases that because of our activities we collect, ensuring the confidentiality and security in the handling of information, as described below :

It is understood that personal information provided by users when register on the Website, any of their associated resources or Registration Forms and include data such as:

First name
Cell phone
User Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Slideshare).
Users acknowledge that the entry of personal information is done on a voluntary basis, meaning that the information will be part of a file and / or database, which can be used under the terms set forth herein.

Who diligently the registration form you agree that your data are incorporated into databases FAJAS MYD, its affiliates or subsidiaries and authorizes its use for commercial and technical purposes by FAJAS MYD and its affiliated companies, including but not limited to partners, business partners, customers and advertisers.

Users may modify or update the information provided at any time and may request the removal of your personal information in the databases of FAJAS MYD sending an email to contacto@fajasmyd.com.co. The removal of information from databases mean the loss of privileges derived from registration.

Users who have access codes to the Website or Associate Resources, understand that their use is not transferable and agree to use properly and responsibly their passwords, since it is the sole responsibility of the same.

FAJAS MYD is committed to fulfilling its obligation of confidentiality of personal data and assumes, for these purposes, measures of technical, organizational and security measures to prevent alteration, loss, or unauthorized access agreement with the provisions of the current Florida law. Given that no Internet transmission is 100% secure, users assume the hypothetical risk inherent in this type of transmission and agrees to meet him.

FAJAS MYD is not responsible for any consequence resulting from improper entry of third parties to the database and / or some technical malfunction and / or retention of data in the system of the Internet Site or its associated resources.

Companies that manage advertising FAJAS MYD, the that guide, or leading access statistics may use cookies for statistical purposes. Users can eliminate or prevent the sending of these cookies from the browser options installed on their respective teams.

The User shall comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Site and any additional conditions to be established in the Website or associated resources.

These Terms and Conditions have been prepared in accordance with Florida law and any action or claim must be made before the courts of Florida.